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Placing a new order

  1. To place a new order browse the product categories to find the product you are interested in buying.
  2. If the product is immediately available (ready to ship) its status will be “available” and you will be able to receive the product usually within 1-3 working days, if the product is on a waiting list (Pre-order) the usual waiting time is 4 to 12 days.
  3. After selecting the product you are interested in, press “Add to cart” or respectively “Pre-order” for the products that are waiting.
  4. Then press the shopping cart in the upper right part of the screen to go to your cart where you can review the products you have placed there for purchase.
  5. After confirming the products, you can go to the checkout by pressing “Complete order” or “Checkout”.
  6. Fill in your information and then choose the shipping and payment method that suits you.
  7. After entering your details and selecting the shipping and payment method, press the “Send order” button located at the bottom right of the screen.
  8. After the successful registration of your order, you will go to a page that informs you that your order has been sent and accordingly you will receive an informative email about your order.
  9. When your payment is confirmed for ready-to-deliver (immediately available) products we ship the order within the same or next day.
  10. When we ship the product you receive an update by phone or email about the stage of your order as well as the Voucher Number that you can use on the platform of the partner courier companies to see where your package is.

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